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Don't Let "Them" vote for you!

An Excellent artical on why your vote matter: When our Founding Fathers wrote our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, the revolution was fresh on their minds. The consequences of an overreaching, tyrannical government was real to them. They'd lost friends and loved ones in the fight to gain America's freedom. And they didn’t want Americans to be lorded over by tyrants again for as many generations as possible. So, they created a system of government designed to purposely keep the government weak. And to keep as much power in the hands of individuals and localities as possible. They didn’t want the rights of rural people to be stampeded by big city voting blocks. One of the keys--the lynchpins--of the system, is for individuals...  Read More

Welcome to the new

Greetings everyone! We are excited to bring you our new website. Unlike the old site, we now offer you the ability to purchase products from anywhere in America. From across the country or in the city, we can provide the excellent customer service you're accustomed to for all your firearms needs. Take some time to browse through our constantly growing inventory. Purchasing products are safe and secure, and mailing or pickups are quick and easy. Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect firearm, ammunition, parts and accessories to help you become the most effective with your goals. From everyone here at Troy City Tactical we thank you always for your support and we look forward to being your armsdealer. -Team T.C.T.  Read More